Monday, April 19, 2010

Southern Miss Traditions

There are many traditions at USM. We have Friday Night at the Fountain, which refers to the fountain in front of the Dome. This is where pep rallys are held before every home game. There is the game day parade called the Eagle Walk where thousands of fans are situated along the Eagle Walk. March 30 is Founder's Day at Southern Miss. This is the day USM was established in 1910 and when Hall of Fame members are honored and awards are given. Other traditions include, Painting the Eagle Walk, The District, Junior Eagle Spirit Line, Fifth Quarter Concert, our Alma Mater, Cheers, and Fight Song. For those who don't know, USM has 3 cheers. These are:

The Southern Miss Shout Out


Southern Mississippi


Big Gold


Let's Go Big Gold!

Southern Miss To The Top (SMTTT!)

Southern Miss

To The Top!

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